Below we present you some of the feedback we received after our events from our “Readers”, who participated in our Human Libraries.

I was very positively surprised – the gentleman was very nice. I was expecting something different; I don’t know what exactly, but definitely something else.

I appreciate the fact that I was able to learn their stories, I could learn more. It was a great warning against doing drugs.

The Books gave me food for thought. I really liked that there were no “off-limit” question.

Great surprise; those guys were nice, talkative and completely not what I expected them to be.

My attitude towards people with disabilities changed. I realized how hard it must be for them.

I was very stressed at the beginning, but it passed. I am very happy that the people talking about their diseases or faith were open and keen to talk about their experiences. It definitely changed my attitude toward sick people.

It was very interesting to get to know opinion of a person whom I would not normally have anything to do with.

I appreciated how open the “Book” was. I changed my opinion about atheists.

The “Human Library” teaches us most about ourselves…

Valuable project that allows you meet people you would not normally want to meet; it allows you to face your preconceptions and feelings you may have for those people.

Experience that will make you re-evaluate your priorities.

The “Human Library” is an initiative that can authentically change us – our opinions of others, our perspective and attitude towards our seemingly huge problems. (…) It is also great opportunity to become a better person.

I would have gladly talked longer 🙂 Thank you very much for this initiative!