It is important to us that everyone feels valuable and worthy. It is important to us that everybody lives happily instead of spending their time proving themselves to others. In an ideal world we would like to see people respecting themselves, and respecting each other just because – we are all humans and equal and we all deserve a good life.

Understanding the world

We want to know what is happening and why. We want to understand the “why” – and we want to see other people also reflecting on it from time to time. We want people to think about things that happen around them, and about their influence on the world around them. Because there is always something that can be done.

Quality of life

We want people to lead good, happy lives. Everybody in their own unique way, following their dreams and hopes, respecting the freedoms of others. We want people to know that happiness (just like love) comes to you with another human being.


What we feel is the single most important factor that affects our decisions and behaviors. Regardless of the civilization and cultural progress, humans are not always rational (who said they have to?) and they do make decisions based on emotions. We want people to be more aware of their emotions.

Our goal is to establish effective support systems and systematic solutions for homeless and disabled people, for elderly citizens and for any other marginalized social groups that are at the risk of social exclusion. We want to achieve that by promoting behaviors that minimize the social inequalities.


We want to make people's lives better. Especially those of the less fortunate ones.

We do not receive remuneration for our work. Everyone involved is a volunteer. All of the collected funds allow us to cover the costs of informational and promotional materials, transport and catering for organized events. Every penny counts - every donation, however small it may be - does make a difference. Please support us and add anything you can to our virtual piggy bank.